Road Repairs Update (7-17-23)

The Northeast Kingdom got hit hard with torrential downpours last evening, and Wheelock was no exception. Our already soft and saturated roads are now extremely washed out and impassable in some spots. You should proceed with extreme caution on all Wheelock roads. 

Feel free to report any road damages, however at this time it is safe to assume there is damage on just about every Wheelock Road to some extent, some obviously more extensive than others.

Damages can be reported to:

Wheelock Town Clerk – 802-626-9094

Wheelock Town Garage – 802-626-1060 (leave a message)

The Road Crew has begun work to repair closed or impassable roads/driveways today (7-17-23). Please let them do their work. 

Thank you for understanding and stay safe.

Vanessa Seguin, Clerk/Treasurer