Need wi-fi? There is free public wi-fi at Wheelock Town Hall, accessible from the parking lot.

Serving in local office is a great way to give something back to your community. What are the roles and responsibilities? The website of the Vermont Secretary of State provides brief descriptions.

Town Officials


Ann Lawless

Phone: (802) 626-3109
Email: [email protected]
Term Ends 2025

Select Board

Andy Buteau

Phone: (603)-545-9669
Email: [email protected]
Term Ends 2026 

Vice Chair

Jim Blackbird

Phone: (802)-535-2451
Email: [email protected]
Term Ends 2024

Road Commissioner

Glenn Cole

Phone: (802) 274-5435
appointed by Selectboard

Town Clerk/Treasurer and Disability Officer

Carol Rossi

Phone: (802) 626-9094
Email: [email protected]
Term Ends 2026

Assistant Clerk/Treasurer

Lucy Greenwood 

appointed by Clerk/Treasurer
Phone: (802) 626-9094 (office)
Term Ends 2026

Selectboard Minutes Clerk

Valerie Desmarais

appointed by Selectboard

Auditors Elected

Kim Crady-Smith, 2024
Steve Amos, 2025
Enid Ellis, 2026

Listers Elected

Carol Rossi, 2024
Atti Seguin, 2025
Tanya Brewer, 2026

Delinquent Tax Collector Elected

Emily Purdy, 2024
Phone: (802) 533-9929
Email: [email protected]

Emergency Officer Appointed

Marc Brown, 2024
Phone: (802) 274-2850
Email: [email protected]

First Constable Elected

Charles Lacaillade, 2024
Phone: (802) 626-4229

Second Constable Elected

Atti Seguin, 2024
Phone: (802) 626-4648

Animal Control Officer Appointed

Cindy Cady, 2024
Phone: (802) 535-7127
Email: [email protected]

Planning Commission Appointed

Enid Ellis, 3-year Term, Appointed 8/2022
Scott Lange, Appointed 10/2022

Health Officer

Dr. Peter Miller appointed by Selectboard to 3-year term in 2022, certified by VT Health Commissioner

Phone: (802) 249-7047
Email: [email protected]

Cemetery Sexton Appointed

Jonathan Perkins, 2024
Perkins Property Management

Cell Phone: (802) 624-3641
Email: [email protected]

Sheffield-Wheelock Volunteer Fire Dept. - Elected by Dept.

Shane Lanpher, President/Chief

Phone: (802) 473-8274
Email: [email protected]

Fire Warden, Appointed by Fire Marshall, 3-5 year term

Charles Rice, 2022

Phone: (802) 318-6405
Email: [email protected]

Agent to Convey Real Estate

24 V.S.A. S. 1061 Sect. 4.d
appointed by Selectboard, 2024
Town Clerk

E911 Coordinator

Appointed by Selectboard
Shane Lanpher

Email: [email protected]

Agent to Prosecute and Defend

Selectboard, 2024

Grand Juror

Selectboard, 2024

Tree Warden

Selectboard, 2023

Justices of the Peace

Steve Amos
Eileen Boland
Kim Crady-Smith
Sharon Fialco
Carol Rossi

Road Employees

(802) 626-1060 (town garage)
call Glenn Cole, Road Commissioner 802-274 5475

Town Task Forces

ARPA Committee
Vanessa Seguin, Chair
Phone: (802) 626-9094

Cemetery Task Force
Liz Muckerman
Wendy Tidhar
Patti Baker

Representatives to Local Organizations

Lyndon Rescue appointed, 2024
Shane Lanpher

Communications Union District  appointed
Eileen Boland, 2024
(802) 748-4307

David Stahler Jr., alternate, 2024
(802) 626-3919

Kingdom East School District Board
All board members are elected by voters in all towns.
Karianne Scott, 2024

NE Kingdom Waste Management District appointed
Preston Smith, 2024
(802) 626-8720

Northeastern Vermont Development Association appointed
Steve Amos, 2024
(802) 626-5561

Eileen Boland, 2024
(802) 748-4307

State Representatives

State Representatives
Dennis Labounty
Phone: (802) 828-2228

Charles Wilson
Phone: (802) 828-2228

State Senator
Jane Kitchel
Phone: (802) 684-3482

Community Resources

Download the Clerk Pamphlet.

Thank you to the community members who moderate this facebook group. It is not run by the Town.


Food Pantry

Sheffield Food Pantry - (802) 745-7491

Front Porch Forum

A free community building service in VT helping neighbors connect. Your neighborhood's forum is only open to the people who live there.

NEK Strong

COVID-19 resources for individuals, businesses, communities

NEK Collaborative

Mission: to improve quality of life for all NEKers through coordinated community and economic development


Vermont State Police



Wheelock Village Store - (802) 626-8030

Trash and Recycling

Sheffield-Wheelock Transfer Station, Rte. 122, Wheelock just east of Town Hall

Hours of Operation: Wednesday and Saturday 8am -5pm

Permit required (free): Get a sticker at the Transfer Station or at Town Clerk's Office. Must be a Sheffield or Wheelock resident. 

Recycling is free. 

What can be recycled?

Purchase trash bags at the Transfer Station.
small roll of 10=$10

large roll of 10 =$20

Bulky days: 2nd week of April, July, October

Vermont 211

A first step toward solving everyday problems or when facing difficult times


Wheelock Community Initiative

The mission is create economic and social opportunities for all residents to develop a vibrant town.