Wheelock Land Records Available Online

Wheelock's Land Records dating back to 1978 are now available online! Click the link below:

Wheelock, VT | Land Records (lr-1.com)

The online portal consists of land records in Book 31 (approximately 1978) to our current Book 74. Our current land record book, Book 74, is in the process of being uploaded daily, and the online portal does NOT constitute the entirety of this book, just to date. There is a 24 hour period from the time the recording clerk stores the information into the database until the time it appears on the online portal. To better assist you, the index for the current book will be posted below on a weekly basis.

CURRENT BOOK INDEX HERE:  Book 75 (Current Book) Index as of 08-10-23

  • The web based portal continues to be a work in progress. The best and most accurate source of information remains in the Clerk's office within the land record books and the card index. Please be patient while we work out the kinks.
  • This webpage nor the land record portal contain any "unrecorded" documents that may have been received by the Clerk during a normal course of business. 


  • DO NOT USE PUNCTUATION. LESS IS MORE. Example: To search Jane Doe, DO type Doe into the search bar. And view the results for records that are for Jane Doe.DO NOT type Doe, Jane into the search bar.DO NOT type Doe Jane into the search bar.

    *At this time the programmers are working to resolve the punctuation issue. At the present time, a searcher should NOT use punctuation*
  • Please also note that that the records are indexed precisely by the name on the record. If you cannot find the record you are searching for, is it because their name is possibly spelled wrong?

        Example: MacKenize vs. McKenzie?         Michelle vs. Michele?

These mistakes do happen quite frequently, however it is our policy to index the record exactly as it appears on the document.

See our printed index of the following books:

Book 72 Index - Final

Book 73 Index - Final

Book 74 - Final 


Survey Scans


Parcel Maps

Click here to view the State Database of parcel maps. All you need to do is enter the SPAN # off the most recent tax bill or the e-911 address if known.