Wheelock Land Records Available Online

Wheelock's Land Records dating back to 1978 are now available online!

Wheelock, VT | Land Records (lr-1.com)

The online portal consists of land records in Book 31 (approximately 1978) through Book 71 (2020). Our current land record book, Book 72, is in the process of being uploaded daily, and the online portal does NOT constitute the entirety of this book at the present time.

Please also note that that the records are indexed precisely by the name on the record. If you cannot find the record you are searching for, is it because their name is possibly spelled wrong?

Example: MacKenize vs. McKenzie?         Michelle vs. Michele?

These mistakes do happen quite frequently, however it is our policy to index the record exactly as it appears on the document.

To better assist you while Book 72 is in the process of being uploaded, we've attached the Book Index for 72.

Book 72 Index